The Commoditization of Hybridity – Laura J. Kuo

“Ixta Ponders Leverage Buyout,” Robert Buitrón, 1989

Here’s a photo and a couple quotes that remind us of the colonization of the America’s by Europeans and the mixing by force as opposed to mixing by choice.

In modern times most of the rhetoric around mixed heritage has a positive spin. We would be wise to understand an alternative view and be prepared to respectfully dialog with those who may view multiculturalism in a negative light.

The first quote is from the beginning of a chapter titled
The Commoditization of Hybridity in the 1990s U.S.Fashion Advertising: Who Is cK one?
Laura J. Kuo (p. 48 in Scribd)

“…an important caveat follows for postcolonial practices, namely the risk that hybridity might be re-colonised by the apparatus of power as either compensation for our losses, or as the velvet glove of enjoyment that goes hand in hand with the iron fist of exclusion.” ––Kobena Mercer

The picture above is actually from another article in the paper titled
Aztec Princess Still at Large (p. 214 in Scribd)

“As the title of the photograph suggests, Buitrón is not only concerned with Anglo American stereotypes about Indian women, but also with Mexican and Chicano/a fantasies about them. “Ixta Ponders LeverageBuyout” identifies the woman as the legendary Aztec princess Ixtacihuátl.” – Catriona Rueda Esquibel


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