Bicultural Mama: The Oddity of Skin Color Labels to Identify Race


Society gives skin color labels to people to identify race. When I was a child, I learned that Asians like me were “yellow.” I recall looking at my skin and thinking, “It’s not yellow. Looks kind of tan to me.”

Community Village‘s insight:

I was just thinking the other day that I need to write another post about how ridiculous these skin color labels are.

Here’s the new over simplification:
Africans are Ebony
Asians and Native Americans are Golden
Europeans are Pink

Three things combine to create our color:
Hemoglobin, which can only be seen through thin skin
Carotene, which can only be seen if there is not a lot of melanin
Melanin, which blocks the other two colors when there is enough of it

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Bicultural Mama: Chinese Eating Customs — How to Not Offend a Chinese Host

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“Teapot EtiquettePointing the mouth of a teapot directly at someone is as in impolite gesture, similar to pointing a finger. When drinking tea, always offer to serve others first before pouring into one’s own cup. At a restaurant, when the teapot is empty, simply place the lid partially ajar to indicate it needs a refill (some people turn the lid upside down on the pot). Do not completely remove the lid and place it on the table as this is seen as letting good luck escape.” – MORE –

Glenn Robinson‘s insight:

My dad was guilty of trying to take his order all for himself. I said ‘Dad! Ya gotta put it in the middle and share it with everyone!”

I knew that the chopsticks shouldn’t be stuck straight up into the rice, but I didn’t know the teapot etiquette – so I hilighted it above 🙂

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Parenting Awareness: ‘Race’ Talk #2 | Bicultural Mom™

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“Why is it important to show your children racial variation? Because I believe that much of the reason why we classify each other into such narrow boxes is because we don’t see or acknowledge the variations in each group. A lot of this is because of media portrayals of racial groups and ethnic groups as caricatures. As being defined in only ONE way. This is something that I want to dismantle and something that I feel is important for my biracial daughter to understand early on.”


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The ‘Good’ & ‘Bad’ of Interracial Relationships | Bicultural Mom™

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“One of the disadvantages of being an interracial couple is the fact that you have to bite your tongue so often in order to get by unscathed.”


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Multiracial Families, We Need to Support This! {Mixed Match Film} | Bicultural Mom™

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“Mixed Match is an inspirational, emotional, and evocative feature-length documentary by multi award winning filmmaker Jeff Chiba Stearns that explores the need to find mixed ethnicity bone marrow and cord blood donors to donate to multiethnic patients suffering from life threatening blood diseases such as leukemia. This live action and animated film is a dramatic journey focusing on the main characters’ struggles to survive against incredible odds.”

Dating the “Right” and “Wrong” Race – I’ve Been on Both Sides

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Bicultural Mama

Addressing White Privilege: Talking To Your Kids About “Race” | Bicultural Mom™

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This article is part of a series about white privilege. Follow me as I discuss my understandings of white privilege and how we can move beyond it and embrace awareness.
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