The trouble with ‘passing’ for another race/sexuality/religion …

Koa Beck: The broadening of the definition historically used for those of mixed-race who ‘passed’ as white exposes the power of privilege

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Garcelle Beauvais: Mixed race people shouldn’t have to pick

Community Village‘s insight:

US ACTRESS Garcelle Beauvais believes that mixed race people shouldn’t be expected to embrace one of their cultural heritages over the other.

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“Ummmm, Why Do You Talk So White?” – from life coach Tiffany Rae

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“It’s only when this mixed kid has transcended race altogether, has not let other people’s ideas and notions of race and misconceptions of culture alter his sense of biracial identity, and is comfortable going back and forth between both cultures and neighborhoods that he is challenged by members of his Black and White communities. At this level or stage in his transcendence, he has superceded any set expectation or limitation of what it means to be biracial. Black’s feel a need to claim this mixed kid and White’s feel a need to showcase his whiteness by constantly pointing out what little displays of blackness he truly exhibits.   In the end, the mixed kid who has transcended race altogether ends up forgiving the ignorance of both communities that at some time or another denied them entry. In the end, forgiveness is all you have in order to move to acceptance and understanding.”