Coming Out as Biracial


A few months ago, I not-so-subtly asserted myself as biracial while having dinner with a new coworker. “I’m a Capricorn,” she’d said. “Yeah…my mom’s black,” I responded …


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Mixed Space-Memoirs of an Uncharacteristic Biracial Child: The world is not so black and white

Many people feel the need to write about the “black experience” in America and how challenging that can be. The “white experience” is already touched upon in history textbooks and most all of pop culture. But an uncommon topic to hear about is the “biracial experience”.  I



New Blog!

Biracial Generation

biracial generation

Welcome to biracial generation,

We are Nina and Veronica, and we are the sole creators of this blog. The reason why we started this blog is to talk about what it’s like growing up to be a mixed child. We both have white fathers and black mothers and we both live in a single family home, the only difference is that Veronica lives with her father, and Nina lives with her mother. So our lifestyles are both different, yet we share some of the same experiences.

The concept of this blog is to talk about our experiences growing up being mixed. We will be talking about many different topics from hair care to relationships. Please note that we understand that not everyone is in our situation, and we respect that. That is why we are starting this blog because we feel that the biracial community does not get much recognition.

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speaking of drake…

I’m super-curious about this guy and am itching to know more about the experiential intricacies of his Black/Jewish upbringing, and how he reflects on all of that from where he sits currently as th…

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“Me+You” & “Being Biracial”: Anna Bowen Explores Identity & Relationships

On Today’s episode of Mixed Race Radio, we will meet Anna Bowen, a biracial actor, singer, and writer who has worked professionally for the past fifteen years.

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Generation-Mixed : A group for all Multi-racials everywhere

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Generation-Mixed: A group for all Multi-racials everywhere…