VIDEO: The Difference Between a Black Man and a White Man Open Carrying An AR-15 Legally

Two men carrying the same rifle down the street receive two entirely different reactions from police.



I was scared-to-death just watching this video.


the twins [VIDEO]

By Tiffany Jones


“The “Black and White” twins are all over everything I’m seeing on the internet. The trending of the story brings the opportunity to gain more awareness of what we think race is, how we allow it to influence our identity, and (hopefully) how it all really just makes no sense.”


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This video might prompt you to question how race is defined, who is defining it and why they are defining it.


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BlackWhite Handshake

We’ve done posts in the past about the handshake dilemma between Black and White people. When Black people and White people introduce themselves to each other in the office, everyone pretty much sticks to the standard handshake (unless you work for some phone app development company where dudes where ironic t-shirts and everyone wears knitted hats all year. In which case, you can stick to the standard high five). But casual and social encounters between the two parties can result in a catastrophic collision of cultural courtesies.

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Eartha Kitt’s life was scarred by her failure to learn the identity of her white father, says daughter

Singer’s search to discover more about her origins was frustrated by official secrecy

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The Invisible Line Between Black and White

Vanderbilt professor Daniel Sharfstein discusses the history of the imprecise definition of race in America

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Theodore W. Allen | Jeffrey B. Perry

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The website maintained by Jeffrey B. Perry the biographer of Hubert Harrison and literary executor of Theodore W. Allen (author of “The Invention of the White Race”).

Glenn Robinson‘s insight:

I haven’t read this book, but I have read “The History of White People” by Nell Irvin Painter and through that book I learned that Europeans didn’t think much about ‘race’. The whole ‘white race’ idea started in the U.S.

From some of the confusing excerpts in this blog article, I’m not confident the quality of the writing would be very good in Theodore W. Allen’s book. However, I do expecially like his number four challenge that he posed before he passed away.

“…consider ways whereby European-American laboring people may cast off the stifling incubus of “white” identity.” -Theodore W. Allen

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Jay Smooth (African-American/White) [American]

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Known as: DJ, Radio Host & Blogger (Founder of New York City’s longest-running hip hop radio program, WBAI’s “Underground Railroad”; Occasional provider of music commentary for NPR)
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Deron Williams (White/Black) [American] …

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Known as: Professional Basketball Player (Plays for the Brooklyn Nets in the NBA & the USA National Olympic Basketball Team; Previously played for the Utah Jazz & Beşiktaş)

Awards/Accolades: 3-time NBA All Star; 2-time Olympic Gold Medalist; 2-time All-NBA Second Team; 2006 NBA All-Rookie Team

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