Black Eyed Peas – Bebot (Generation One)


Abagond has the translation 😀
This is one of my favorite Black Eyed Peas songs even though I had only understood ‘Chicken Adobo’ and ‘Filipino’ 😀
Thank you Abagond
A few emotional songs you know are important, even without knowing the language – this one and

* Roberto Darvin’s – Fronteras – sung by Mili Bermejo

* Mercedes Sosa – Sólo le pido a Dios

My wife doesn’t by a lot of music, but she bought CDs for these two artists – so good, and I bought all the Black Eyed Peas CDs 😀


Source: (Filipino/African American)…

Via Scoop.itMixed American Life (Filipino/African American) [American (Born in the Philippines)]


Music Videos (with The Black Eyed Peas): I Gotta Feeling, Where Is The Love?, Boom Boom Pow, The Time (Dirty Bit), Let’s Get It Started, Pump It, My Humps


Music Videos (as Mama Filipina, We Can Be Anything, Take me to the Philippines