Marissa Johnson

Marissa Janae Johnson (1991?- ), a Black American civil rights leader, is a founder of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) chapter in Seattle. She is best known nationally for stopping Bernie Sanders from giving a speech in Seattle on August 8th 2015.

Bernie Sanders
 is the most “progressive” (liberal or left-leaning) of those running for US president. He is a White senator from the second Whitest state in the nation. As Johnson rightly notes, he is a class reductionist, making policies that address issues of class in place of race.

Sanders had been interrupted by BLM protesters before
. On July 18th at aNetroots Nation gathering in Arizona, they challenged him and fellow presidential candidate Martin O’Malley to make public their policies on structural racism. O’Malley did that a few days later. Sanders did not.



She now sees it as her duty to make people uncomfortable about living in a racist society.

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This Is What Solidarity Looks Like


Video captures Black-led, multiracial shut down at Oakland Police Department


Video features interviews with organizers and high-quality footage from action

For interviews with arrestees and members of the #Asians4BlackLives group, contact
: Chinyere Tutashinda, 216-849-7172

For interviews with arrestees and members of the #Asians4BlackLives group, contact
: Marie Choi, 510-239-7891

On Monday, Dec 15th 2014, members of newly organized all-Black groups, including The Blackout Collective, #BlackBrunch and #BlackLivesMatter, joined with Asian allies in #Asians4BlackLives group and white allies in the Bay Area Solidarity Action Team to lead an occupation of the Oakland Police Department and demand an end to the war on Black people in Oakland and everywhere. Approximately 50 people participated in the action and were joined by a crowd of around 200 supporters.
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This Is What Solidarity Looks Like: #Asians4BlackLives