Will California Lead the Way in Ethnic Studies?

AB 101 Ethnic Studies: I have met numerous students who have taken Ethnic Studies courses in college always return to say, “Why didn’t I learn about this in high school?”

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Last speaker of Native Californian Wukchumni Language


Wukchumni is both a Native Californian language and people. They are of the Yokuts tribe residing on the Tule River Reservation.


The Tule River Reservation was established in 1873 by a US Executive Order in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It is south of Fresno and north of Bakersfield. It occupies 55,356 acres. -Wikipedia


“This short documentary profiles the last fluent speaker of Wukchumni, a Native American language, and her creation of a comprehensive dictionary.” -NY Times


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California Eases Its Tone as Latinos Make Gains

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As Congress begins debating an overhaul of immigration, many sense that the country is beginning the same evolution California experienced over the last two decades.

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