▶ What’s Radical About “Mixed Race”? [VIDEO] with Professor Ann Morning

From Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU

“On April 20, 2015, the Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU hosted “What’s Radical About ‘Mixed Race’?”. Eschewing an apolitical “celebration” of mixed race, this panel examined the movement’s implications for multiracial coalition and the future of race in the US and Canada, asking: does the multiracial movement challenge—or actually reinforce—the logics of structural racism?”


From Steven Riley


Minelle Mahtani critically located how an apolitical and ahistorical Canadian “model multiracial” upholds the multicultural claims of the Canadian settler state.

Jared Sexton called to task multiracial activists who leverage a mixed race identity in opposition to those who are “all black, all the time.”

A roundtable conversation moderated by Ann Morning (NYU Department of Sociology) followed.”



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Get your popcorn and your drink. Video is 1 hour 17 minutes.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: Canada’s Approach to Racism

Why is it that the U.K.’s newspaper is willing to publish a painfully honest editorial about race in Canada but Canadian papers aren’t? Before Mr. Douglas was published in the U.K., he submitted his personal op ed to Canadian newspapers.

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A new mixed-raced generation is transforming the city: Will Toronto be the world’s first post-racial metropolis? – torontolife.com

I used to be the only biracial kid in the room. Now, my exponentially expanding cohort promises a future where everyone is mixed. By Nicholas Hune-Brown |

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Racism in Paradise: Interracial marriages still stir prejudice among many Canadians

When Ashley and Raj Brar were married, they had two ceremonies: a white-dress wedding reflecting Ashley’s Irish, Scottish and Canadian heritage, and a traditional Indian ceremony to…

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2011 Census Shows Canada is Becoming More Urban & Multi-racial

More often than not, Canadians work in services industries. Women are gaining dominance in many new areas of education. And same-sex couples have become an accepted norm.

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Toronto Sun: Multiculturalism Trudeau’s gift to Canada

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“There are officially only three countries in the world that use multiculturalism as a social policy. These are Canada, Australia and Britain.”
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Multiracial Identity | VIDEO

Walk down the street in any Canadian city. The face of Canada is changing, no longer predominantly white and of European descent. How does being multiracial shape your identity?
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