July Flashback: Svante Myrick (Black/White) [American]

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Known as: Mayor of Ithaca, New York, USA (At the age of 24, he became the youngest Mayor in Ithaca history and one of the youngest in US History)

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Mixed Couples – Senator Phil Gramm & Wendy Gramm

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Not a fan of his politics, but worth putting here. The Senator is married to Wendy Gramm, a very sharp lady, economist and scholar.

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Wetback, Mulatto, whatever….


So again yesterday, at zero-dark-thirty, I’m running around. Oops, forgot it was Easter weekend and I have a bazillion things to do. CNN is on and I vaguely hear something about a “Representative” (Don Young (R) – Alaska, to be exact) calling Latinos “wetbacks”. Work, laundry, grocery store, wait a minute. Wetbacks? Really? An elected official no less? From the party that just got its butt beat, because of their insensitivity? Really? This morning, a little more clear-headed, I search for “Congressman, wetbacks” and read the whole sordid little story.

A term that was originally used to describe Mexicans that came across the border into Texas via the Rio Grande River it made me think about a term that I absolutely hate…..mulatto. The first time I was called one, I was in junior high school and someone called me a mulatto with such affection, I thought, that’s cute….tomayto, tomato, potayto, potato, mulatto. But as I grew older, and saw the disdain that people would pronounce the word….moooolattoe…..like it was an exotic, too bitter coffee from Marrakesh…I began to not like the word.
I am tired of the labels that people have to put on others to make themselves feel better. I am saddened that our elected officials continue to make choices that are divisive, especially when talking about those who are from other places, backgrounds or ideologies. Hopefully, somewhere in our future , people will realize that we are all human, and not the derogatory labels they choose to put on us. Peace, bb.

Benjamin Nighthorse Campbell (Native American (Northern Cheyenne)/Portuguese) [American]

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Known as: American Politician (US Senator from Colorado from 1993-2005; US Representative from 1987-1993; One of only a few politicians of Native American decent to serve in both houses of the US Congress; Competed in judo in the 1964 Tokyo Summer Olympics; Member of Council of Chiefs of the Northern Cheyenne Indian Tribe)

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Tammy Duckworth (Anniversary Month Rewind)

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Originally Featured: November 10, 2012

(Thai Chinese/White) [American (Born in Thailand)]

Known as: Congresswoman to the U.S. House of Representatives from Illinois’ 8th District (First person of Asian decent elected to the US Congress from Illinois; Former Assistant Secretary for Public and Intergovernmental Affairs in the United States Department of Veterans Affairs; Former Director of the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs; Iraqi War Veteran (US Army Helicopter Pilot); Lieutenant Colonel in the Illinois Army National Guard)

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Eric Garcetti invokes Latino-Jewish ancestry in mayor’s race

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“Garcetti has Mexican roots through his father, former Dist. Atty. Gil Garcetti. Eric’s grandfather, Salvador Garcetti, was born in Mexico and grew up in Boyle Heights. Salvador was brought to the United States as a baby after his father, Massimo Garcetti, a judge who had emigrated from Italy, was hanged during the Mexican Revolution that began in 1910, Garcetti says. Eric’s grandmother, Juanita Iberri, one of 19 children in a family that migrated from Sonora, Mexico, was born in Arizona.

On his mother’s side, Garcetti is a descendant of Jewish immigrants from Russia, Poland and the Ukraine. They too settled in Boyle Heights in the early 20th century. Garcetti’s maternal grandfather, Harry Roth, turned the family’s Los Angeles clothing business, Louis Roth & Co., into a major national brand of high-end suits for men.”

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Glenn Robinson‘s insight:

Thank you to Thomas Lopez, LOMA Founder and Director, for letting me know about this article.

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Senator Robert Byrd says “white niggers” on TV

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“PROFIT from our mistakes” – nice Freudian slip – PROFIT from slave labor of American-Africans (cotton fields), American-Asians (railroads), American-Hispanic,Latino,Mexicas (Agriculture) – maybe you meant LEARN from our mistakes. If you can hardly find the words — then you are probably uncomfortable talking about ‘race’ because you have NOT talked about it and have not made amends with the legacy of white racist U.S. history.
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