Bhagat Singh Thind


Bhagat Singh Thind(1892-1967), an Indian American spiritual teacher and writer, was denied US citizenship in United States v. Bhagat Singh Thind (1923). The Supreme Court ruled, 9 to 0, that while Thind was arguably Caucasian, he was not white.


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Click through to read the whole article.This story paints the picture of one man’s personal sovereignty, dignity and persistence vs the twisted thinking of U.S. xenophobia. An amazing story that should be made into a movie. @getgln

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A Guide to Germanics

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By Germanic I mean anyone whose native language belongs to the Germanic branch of Indo-European languages: most Germans, Dutch, English, Danes, Australians, Americans, etc. They live mainly in nort…

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Regarding Mixed American Life

1. Culture from Germanic people is all mixed up into U.S. culture

2. U.S. population is largely of Germanic backgroud, so many people of mixed heritage in the U.S. are mixed with Germanic heritage.

3. See if you can guess which three groups have the largest population size in the U.S.

Answer: from the most recent data I could find >

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“What Are You Anyways?” | CITIZENShift

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Filmmaker Jeff Chiba Stearns explores his cultural backgrounds growing up a mix of Japanese and Caucasian in a small white-bread Canadian city. This short classically animated film looks at particular periods in Jeff’s life where he battled with finding an identity being a half minority – from his childhood origins to the epic showdown against the monster truck drivin’ redneck crew. “What Are You Anyways?” is a humorous yet serious story of struggle and love and finding one’s identity through the trials and tribulations of growing up.
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