Mixed Family Research in CHICAGO

I am posting this for a friend in Chicago.

Note: For this study, both parents should be of color (non European-American) and not biracial/multiracial themselves.

Mixed Family Research
Mixed Family Research

“My name is Cristina Ortiz and I am a doctoral candidate at the School of Social Service Administration at the University of Chicago. I am reaching out because I am doing a study on multiracial families and am looking for participants.

My study is looking at the ways that parents in multiracial families, where both parents are minorities, communicate with their children and teach them about race and ethnicity. Children can be of any age under 18. The only requirements are that the child be biological and that both parents are minorities, and aren’t biracial/multiracial themselves. I’d love to look at diverse family arrangements, such as single-parent homes and double-parent homes. I’m open to travel throughout the city to come meet up and talk with people.”

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