Barbie Fashionista dolls – 3 shades of brown skin and 5 shades of white

eight skin tones, 14 facial structures, 22 hairstyles, 23 hair colors and 18 eye colors.

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It’s a start.


I’m still looking for ‘the natural’ – natural African hair.


Raising Biracial Children to Be Well Adjusted

By: Nadra Kareem Nittle,
Race Relations Expert

Mixed-race children face unique challenges, but raising biracial children who are happy and healthy is possible if parents teach them to embrace all facets of their racial makeup, settle in diverse communities and choose schools that celebrate multiculturalism, among other measures.


  • Reject Myths About Mixed-Race Kids
  • Celebrate Your Child’s Multiethnic Heritage
  • Choose a School That Celebrates Cultural Diversity
  • Live in a Multicultural Neighborhood
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Handcuffed For Traveling With A White Girl


“A traveling dance troupe claims they were racially profiled by Texas cops, who cuffed the trio after suspecting something wrong with a 13-year-old white girl and two black men sharing the same car, according to a report.




This happens to fathers with adopted children who look different and to fathers with children of mixed heritage who look different from them.


To The Young Woman Who Noticed Us When I Hoped No One Would

On a day when I felt like we were the worst example of family… a day when I hoped no one noticed us… she did. But she didn’t see what I assumed everyone was seeing. She didn’t think what I assumed everyone was thinking. She saw beauty and love a…


I taught my black kids that their elite upbringing would protect them from discrimination. I was wrong.


“,… I insisted that he report the incident to the school. His chief concern was not wanting the white students and administrators to think of him as being special, different, or “racial.” That was his word. “If the other kids around here find out that I was called a nigger, and that I complained about it,” my son pleaded, “then they will call me ‘racial,’ and will be thinking about race every time they see me. I can’t have that.”




The fear should not be about bringing up racism.


The fear should be allowing racism to continue rampant and unchecked without any push back to slow it down.


Mixed Space-Memoirs of an Uncharacteristic Biracial Child: The world is not so black and white

Many people feel the need to write about the “black experience” in America and how challenging that can be. The “white experience” is already touched upon in history textbooks and most all of pop culture. But an uncommon topic to hear about is the “biracial experience”.  I


Race in Toyland: A Nonwhite Doll Crosses Over

The blockbuster success of merchandise based on the “Doc McStuffins” cartoon reflects changing demographics, but what also differentiates Doc is her crossover appeal.


8-Year-Old Baylor Fredrickson Needs Your DNA to Survive (VIDEO)


Although Asian Americans are in high demand, you do not have to be Asian American to become a living bone marrow donor. For more information on joining the Donor Registry — regardless of your ethnic background — visit Be the Match. All it takes is a swab of your cheek to have your DNA entered into the registry. Patients’ DNA is then put through the system for potential matches. It costs nothing for you — even if you are matched to a patient in need.