Why Chinese moms want American babies

Pregnant Chinese moms are flocking stateside to give birth, because they want their kids to have a U.S. passport.

Source: money.cnn.com


Interesting how this article doesn’t mention the disparaging term thrown at Latino babies (anchor baby).

But of course some racist person in the comment section goes there.

Will a racist ever use the term ‘anchor baby’ with European immigrants?

PS – Note the term ‘flocking’ that CNN uses. Is that disparaging?

Crystal Chan – Chinese, Polish


My dad is from Hong Kong and my mom is Polish-American (from northern Wisconsin), and I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin in the 80′s. We were the only mixed-race family I knew, possibly the only one in town, and my family never talked about race. That made things hard. When the kids at school were pulling their eyes slanty and going “Ching-chong-wing-wong!” my parents told me it was the cruelty of kids, not racism.


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Tessanne Chin – “Anything’s Possible” – YouTube

“Tessanne Amanda Chin (/ˈtɛsˈæn ɪn/; born September 20, 1985) is a JamaicanAmerican recording artist, best known for winning Season 5 of NBC‘s reality TV singing competition ‘The Voice’….” (Wikipedia)


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Light-skinned-ed Girl: Mixed Experience History Month 2014: Yung Wing, pioneering educator

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Yung Wing (1828-1912) was the first Chinese person to graduate from an American college. Wing was born in southern China in 1828. He was the son of poor farmers who decided to send him to a missionary school to improve…

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The International Examiner – Mixed Race is not Less, but More Race: ‘War Baby / Love Child’ Exhibit Offers an Enriched Perspective on Mixed-Race Asian Americans

Growing up, Wei Ming Dariotis recalls the perpetual question, “What are you?”
“My mother is Chinese and my father is European American,” she would reply, which would often be followed with, “Did you parents meet at war?”

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July Flashback: Mark Dacasco (Filipino, Spanish, Chinese, Irish, Japanese) [American]

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Known as: Actor and Champion Martial Artist

TV: The Chairman on “Iron Chef America”, Wo Fat on “Hawaii Five-0″, “Kamen Rider”, “The Crow: Stairway to Heaven”

Movies: “Crying Freeman”, “Brotherhood of the Wolf”, “Drive”, “Cradle 2 the Grave”

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July Flashback: Leah Dizon (French/Filipino-Chinese) [American]

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Known as: Model, Japanese Pop singer & Actress

Music Videos: Koi Shiyou, Vanilla, Love Paradox

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July Flashback: Kelly Hu (Hawaiian, Chinese, English) [American]

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Known as: Film & TV Actress and Former Fashion model (Miss Teen USA 1985; Miss Hawaii USA 1993)

Movies: “The Scorpion King”, “X2″, “Cradle 2 the Grave”

TV: “Martial Law”, “Nash Bridges”, “Sunset Beach”, “The Vampire Diaries”, “Warehouse 13″, “In Case of Emergency”, “CSI:NY”

Voice Work: Voice of Stacy in “Phineas and Ferb”, Sha Shan Nguyen in “The Spectacular Spider-Man”, Numerous voices in “Robot Chicken”

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