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In Texas, hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of children are American citizens without the papers to prove it.


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These families are known as ‘Mixed status’ families.

Bhagat Singh Thind


Bhagat Singh Thind(1892-1967), an Indian American spiritual teacher and writer, was denied US citizenship in United States v. Bhagat Singh Thind (1923). The Supreme Court ruled, 9 to 0, that while Thind was arguably Caucasian, he was not white.


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Click through to read the whole article.This story paints the picture of one man’s personal sovereignty, dignity and persistence vs the twisted thinking of U.S. xenophobia. An amazing story that should be made into a movie. @getgln

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Watch Last Month’s Heated Debate on Immigration from TV One’s Roland Martin Show [VIDEO]

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Last month, during an April 29 broadcast of TV ONE’s  Roland Martin Show, the show’s host opened a discussion on Muslim immigration into the United States of America. He started the conversation of…

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Click through to the video to see the heated debate.
I like the instigator and the moderator, they allows the others to put them in check.

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Program opens door to citizenship for immigrants

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“A $20-million effort is now under way to get more permanent residents to become citizens so they can vote, have access to a wider range of jobs and become fully American. The money for the New Americans Campaign comes from major foundations and is going mainly to nonprofits that have already been doing citizenship work. Two former commissioners of the Immigration and Naturalization Service have signed on as advisors.”

By Cindy Chang, Los Angeles Times

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Tiya Miles on Native American & African American dynamics

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“In light of the Cherokee Nation’s recent decision revoke the citizenship of the Cherokee Freedmen, ITYC thought listeners would enjoy this ITYC Rewind of our interview with Professor Tiya Miles. Professor Miles is an associate professor at the University of Michigan in the Program in American Culture, Center for Afro-American and African Studies, Department of History, and Native American Studies Program.”

The U.S.-Mexican War . The Aftermath of War . A War of Violence and Violations: The Consequences of Conquest | PBS

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“We must, I believe, all understand that the war — its aftermath and its continuation that we live with on a daily basis — is about violence and violation. The democracy and freedom that some of us live has been bought and continues to be bought with the violence and subjugation of others. That violence has taken many forms — it wasn’t just about military or armed violence. It was also the violence of removing people from their land. It was and is the violence of trying to silence their language. It’s the violence of broken treaties, of telling people “You are citizens,” then treating them as anything but citizens, by denying them the rights and privileges of full citizenship. It was a violence of demeaning and trying to delegitimize a culture and a way of being.”

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