Race Basics: Colonialism and Religious Bigotry

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“I don’t play in the oppression Olympics. Yet, I’ve argued that anti-black racism is the fulcrum of white supremacy. This statement has generated some controversy, with some saying I’ve overlooked Native people, and others saying there is a hierarchy of oppressions in which Blacks suffer most.



While Africans were profiled as animals to justify race slavery, Native Americans were profiled as anti-Christians to justify wars over land and resources. Today’s debates over the dominance of Christianity in our politics echo this history. Religious bigotry continues to drive the expansion of American empire in the form of the war on terror/Islam. And, that war is part of a larger culture “war” that is knocking down rights of LGBT people, women, and religious minorities.”
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Ten Things Everyone Should Know About White Privilege Today | Psychology Today

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Enhance understanding and connection across differences By Mikhail Lyubansky, Ph.D….

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School District Takes Issue With Urrea Interview; Urrea Responds | BillMoyers

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“Read Tucson Unified School District’s objection to assertions made during the interview, and Urrea’s response.

The real point is that ethnic studies is not anti-American but is in fact a gateway to American culture for disenfranchised populations who don’t always know how to access that culture.”

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Train Up A Child…

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“If you have the same skin, you can play together but if you don’t have the same skin, you can’t play together.”


~”Kids On Race: The Hidden Picture” with Anderson Cooper



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Regarding Blackness is the Fulcrum

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“Blackness is the Fulcrum continues to be, by far, the most read post on Race Files. Many of the conversations I’ve had about it begin with the assumption that Asian Americans are less likely or even unlikely to step up on issues of racial justice.”



“…I found myself working on what many perceive to be “Black” issues – countering vigilante white supremacist groups, fighting the drug war and advocating for criminal justice reform, even teaching at a school for activists in Appalachia and the Deep South.”
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Facing Race 2012! November 15-17 in Baltimore, Maryland

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http://arc.org/facingrace – Register today!


The Applied Research Center and Colorlines.com invite you to the Facing Race 2012 conference, November 15-17 in Baltimore, Maryland.
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Dr. Joy Lectures – Videos

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Love my dear sister Dr. Joy DeGruy. 

She speaks the truth and makes it plain. 

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When Did Immigrants Become the Enemy?

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“Instead of a narrative on immigration, what we have now is a public mindset of us versus them, an overall anti immigrant climate that is morally reprehensible.”


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Community Village Activist: Unusual ‘Race’ check boxes

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I love that there is no check box for ‘White’ but instead European American, which acknowledges the foreignness of European Americans in the Americas. Although the check boxes are fairly comprehensive here, I’m disheartened to see there is no check box for Native American – on a form which was created on Native American land. This implies that Native Americans have been culturally erased. This is the written outcome from the cultural and physical genocide of Native Americans. Amerindians make up less than 1% of U.S. population (and within that almost half are of mixed ethnic heritage), but as First Nation Peoples they should NEVER be overlooked or forgotten.
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