Race Relations In Your City, Community?


Share Your Views About Race Relations In Your Community

Please take the time to share your views about the state of race relations in your community, your city.
Go to USAonRace.com’s Race Relations In Your Community feedback form. Encourage others to join the conversation.


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#Trayvon: Work from Curiosity, not Judgement — TCG Circle

The Monday after the Travyon Martin/George Zimmerman verdict came in I sit with 80 youth in a rehearsal room at The Goodman Theatre. While Chicago is known for being one the the most segregated cities in America, our rehearsal room is not. Our students come from every part of the city (and beyond), every socioeconomic background, and a multitude of cultural backgrounds. We spend the summers together in a 6 week intensive that encompasses social justice, playwriting, devised work and performance. We give them the highest level of training, and thanks to the Goodman, we do it for free.

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My Brother, My Sister: How Race Makes Us Family

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“How are you doing, my sister?” “Can you spare some change, my brother?”  I hear it often from older African American men who wish to pay me a compliment or are asking for assistance. I hear it as…
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What encouraged me to start blogging? | Erica Garbers

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“Growing up I always felt like no one understood me or could to relate to me. I had one friend that I met that was also biracial but I felt that it was still something that separated us. In my opini…”
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