Finding Your American Indian Tribe Using DNA

Native Heritage Project

If I had a dollar for every time I get asked a flavor of this question, I’d be on a cruise someplace warm instead of writing this in the still-blustery cold winter weather of the northlands!

So, I’m going to write the recipe of how to do this.  The process is basically the same whether you’re utilizing Y or mitochondrial DNA, but the details differ just a bit.

So, to answer the first question.  Can you find your Indian tribe utilizing DNA?  Yes, it can sometimes be done – but not for everyone, not all the time and not even for most people.  And it takes work on your part.  Furthermore, you may wind up disproving the Indian heritage in a particular line, not proving it.  If you’re still in, keep reading.

I want you to think of this as a scavenger hunt.  No one is going to give you the prize.  You…

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Modern Faces and Ancient Migrations

Our friends at Abroad in the Yard wrote an interesting article back in December 2011 about Modern Faces and Ancient Migrations. As you’re probably aware, the migration of people, their ethnicity an…

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Mexican Women’s Mitochondrial DNA Primarily Native American

For mtDNA variation, some studies have measured Native American, European and African contributions to Mexican and Mexican American populations, revealing 85 to 90% of mtDNA lineages are of Native American origin, with the remainder having European (5-7%) or African ancestry (3-5%).


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Vanessa Williams DNA Test Showed Genes From Across the World

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“My DNA breaks down as follows:


23% from Ghana,

17% from the British Isles,

15% from Cameroon,

12% Finnish,

11% Southern European,

7% Togo,

6% Benin,

5% Senegal and

4% Portuguese.”

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White people came from Black people

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Dna proves that all people whether WHITE, ASIAN, JEWISH ETC.. ALL CAME FROM THE SO CALLED AFRICAN PEOPLE. If we want to make the world a better place to live…