Mixed Couples – Senator Phil Gramm & Wendy Gramm

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Not a fan of his politics, but worth putting here. The Senator is married to Wendy Gramm, a very sharp lady, economist and scholar.

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The Virtue of Dissent | Think Tank | Big Think

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Tim Harford has been described as the “Malcolm Gladwell of Britain.” His refreshing approach to economics and how it can be used to solve everyday problems has won him a loyal following as an author, speaker and writer of the “Undercover Economist” column for the Financial Times.

In his recent book, Adapt: Why Success Always Starts With Failure, Harford presents a novel approach to problem-solving. Instead of looking to politicians and generals to lay out grand visions and show us the way, Harford argues that many of the complex issues in the world–as well as everyday business decisions and choices we face in our personal lives–can be solved through improvisation and working from the bottom up.
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