Tara Betts (African-American/White French)…

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Tara Betts (African-American/White French) [American]


Known as: Poet, Author and Educator (Books: “Arc & Hue”; Performances: Def Poetry Jam, National Poetry Slam, SPOKEN, Vagina Monologues; Lecturer in creative writing at Rutgers University)

More Information: Tara Betts’ Official Site, Tara Bett

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Dr. Joy DeGruy – Bulding Bridges – Keynote 2011

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“Dr. Joy DeGruy (Leary) is a nationally and internationally renowned researcher, educator, author, and presenter. Dr. Joy, as most know her, is an ambassador for healing and a voice for those who’ve struggled in search of the past, and continue to struggle through the present.


Dr. DeGruy holds a bachelor of science degree in communications, a master’s degree in social work, a master’s degree in psychology, and a Ph.D. in social work research. She is an assistant professor at Portland State University. She has written many articles and books, including Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome, which is the basis for her speech today. Her work suggests that centuries of slavery followed by systemic racism and oppression have resulted in multigenerational adaptive behaviors, some of which have been positive and reflective of resilience, and others that are detrimental and destructive. “Healing must occur on multiple levels, because the injury occurred on multiple levels.


The Building Bridges Conference, is a student-initiated, student-led diversity conference dedicated to addressing today’s pressing global and social issues. The conference series aims to increase awareness and action through inspirational speakers supplemented by interactive workshops and action steps. This year’s conference, I’m Not For Sale: Slavery Past and Present, will provide a rewarding opportunity to engage in important dialogue regarding slavery—from the historical slave trade to today’s modern society.”

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Dr. Joy Lectures – Videos

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Love my dear sister Dr. Joy DeGruy. 

She speaks the truth and makes it plain. 

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Fanshen Cox (Jamaican, Scottish, Danish and Native American)

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Fanshen Cox (Jamaican, Scottish, Danish and Native American) [American]   Known as: Actress, Producer, Educator (Co-host of Mixed Chicks Chat, Co-founder of Mixed Roots Film & Literary Festival, TV: Mrs. Hogan on “Days of Our Lives”)
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