Critical Children’s Lit: Challenging Racism with Graphic Novels

This book traces the history and diversity of Latin@ people in the US and shows readers the roots of racism and how it continues today.  Like Still I Rise, Latino USA presents multiple perspectives within and among Latin@ communities about historical and contemporary issues, demonstrating how Latin@s aren’t a homogeneous group and encouraging critical thinking.


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Lee Mun Wah on Oprah Winfrey Show

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Documentary filmmaker (“The Color of Fear”) and Founder of Stirfry Seminars & Consulting, Lee Mun Wah, is featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

More information about Lee Mun Wah and his diversity training company, Stirfry Seminars & Consulting, can be found online at: To book Lee Mun Wah for keynotes or diversity workshops, call 510-204-8840 x101.

Stirfry Seminars also has diversity training materials available for purchase/books, documentary films, flashcards at: ** SPECIAL DISCOUNT: Enter coupon code “MSYOU” upon online checkout and receive 25% off of your purchase of any regular-price store item. Restrictions may apply. **

You may also be interested in renting Lee Mun Wah’s documentary films on topics such as racism and sexism online at:

Community Village‘s insight:

Regarding Mixed American Life, Lee Mun Wah brings up the topics of segregation, and of the oppressed living among the oppressors.

I need to learn more about all the offerings of Lee Mun Wah.

He seems like an amazing person who speaks straight to the point.

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Dr. Frances Cress Welsing – Color Confrontation

See on Scoop.itMixed American Life Psychiatrist and Teacher. She has divinely explained the genetic origin of racism. For over 30 years she’s been teaching.

Glenn Robinson‘s insight:

Dr. Cress tought me some new stuff: afri cola! The U.S. needs that.

Check how the videos look in 1990 – remember that lol?

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“Wait . . . they had a white baby?!?!” | Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu

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“My niece recently had a baby, a beautiful boy. The proud grandmother showed the photo of the newborn to family members and everyone oohed and aahed. One of his cousins looked at the picture and said, “Oh he’s so cute!” But suddenly a puzzled look came over him and he blurted out, “Wait . . . they had a white baby?!?!” @smshige

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Erasing Hate, With Help from SPLC, MSNBC Documentary | Southern Poverty Law Center

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On Sunday night, June 26, MSNBC will air “Erasing Hate,” a documentary that chronicles the redemptive story of a violent, racist skinhead who renounced the white power movement and, with the help of the SPLC, underwent an excruciating series of…
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“Never talk about race (or gender) if you can avoid it, other than to declare that race (or gender) does not matter.” | Is racism on the way out?

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“Never talk about race (or gender) if you can avoid it, other than to declare that race (or gender) does not matter.”
Is racism on the way out?
Ellis Cose believes it’s fading as a phenomenon.
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