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Ethnic is a Eurocentric way of saying non-Western. In America since the 1920s it has meant something not part of White American culture: ethnic foods, ethnic beauty, ethnic neighbourhoods, etc. “Et…

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Part of Mixed American Life is recognizing that EVERYONE has an ethnic background.

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Results from the 2010 Census Race and Hispanic Origin Alternative Questionnaire Experiment

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Three 2010 trial census forms:

* Detailed

* Streamlined

* Very Streamlined

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I wish the races where in alphabetical order so American Indian would be on top followed by Asian and Black; and White would be at the bottom.

Cracks me up that Spanish origin people are not steared toward the White box.

I love that all groups are prompted to write in their ethnic heritage.

I love the new ‘Asian Indian’ check box.

I like all of these proposals better than the 2010 census that I filled out.

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American ethnic groups | Abagond

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An American ethnic group in most cases means those in America from the same country. Italian Americans, Irish Americans, etc. There are a few groups that do not quite fit that pattern: Jews, Puerto Ricans and African Americans. Another odd case are those who call themselves “Americans”. They mostly live in the upper South. I will count them as British since that seems to be what most are.

The top ten ethnic groups by size in 2010…

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