200 Years of U.S. Immigration, in 1 Colorful Infographic

By Tanvi Misra

In 1819, Congress passed a law requiring that the arrival of all immigrants be recorded. Immigrant workers were needed, and the rest of the 19th century saw their numbers grow. From that period through today, America has seen waves of immigration, which Natalia Bronshtein has captured in a colorful interactive graphic.

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Source: communityvillageus.blogspot.com

Why it took approximately 6 billion people to create you

I found this video when I googled ‘How many generations back do you have to go to have a million ancestors?”

Key points from this video:

With more diversity

  • People can have over a million unique ancestors going back just 20 generations.

With less diversity

Over centuries

We normally think of our family tree with ever increasing branches, however, as this diagram explains, historic population limits does not allow that to be true. The real shape is more like a spinning top. Not a tree of ever expanding branches.