2015 Mixed Remixed Festival Submissions – Mixed Remixed Festival

We are excited to learn about your work. Please use the appropriate submission page to share your work for consideration for inclusion in the 2015 Mixed Remixed Festival. Deadline Jan. 15, 2015. Accepted presenters and participants will receive notice by mid-February 2015 at the latest. If you have questions about submissions, please email info(at)mixedremixed.org. Film […]

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4th New Orleans Loving Festival examines multiracial lives in words and images

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National Loving Day (June 12) each year takes its name from the 1967 civil rights lawsuit won by Richard and Mildred Loving; the interracial couple’s “Loving v. Virginia” ended race-based legal restrictions on marriage in the United States.

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Mixed Remixed Festival: A film, book and media festival celebrating stories of the Mixed experience

Mixed Remixed Festival
June 14, 2014
Japanese American National Museum
Los Angeles, CA

A film, book and media festival celebrating stories of the Mixed experience and racial and cultural connectedness through stories.

The Story
What are you?
I remember people started asking me that question on a pretty regular basis when I was about 11 and we moved to a racially divided town. At first I’d say: “I’m the best speller and my favorite color is blue. I’m also someone who likes to write poems.”

I soon learned that what people wanted to know was: why do you look like you do? Why do you have curly brown hair and light brown skin and blue eyes?

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