Rutherford’s Bill Galloway reflects on genealogy, racial history

Bill Galloway, a resident with roots that go back to the 1920s in Rutherford, is proud of both his black roots and the “miscegenation” of his family. The longtime-Rutherford resident’s ancestors built a solid foundation with a focus on education and work ethic in a fully integrated school system since the 1920s. The family built relationships with individuals of all backgrounds, and made lasting connections that cemented their success as community leaders.

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Dark skin, blue eyes: Genes paint a picture of 7,000-year-old European – NBC

“The biggest surprise was that the genes linked to skin pigmentation reflected African rather than modern European variations. That indicates that the man had dark skin, “although we cannot know the exact shade,” Carles Lalueza-Fox, a member of the research team from the Spanish National Research Council, said in a news release. At the same time, the man possessed the genetic variations that produce blue eyes in current Europeans.”

Community Village‘s insight:

I guess scientists can now tell through DNA if bones belonged to a dark skinned person or light skinned person. 
-Glenn Robinson

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Thanksgiving Conundrum

“Justin Petrone, like me, is a mixed race person with Native American ancestry, although unlike me, initially, he never thought of himself in those terms.  I’ve always known and since I was a child, self-identified myself in that way.  Like me, Justin has spent years searching for his elusive ancestors, more often than not, hidden in the mists of time with only suggestions of who their ancestors are by words on tax lists and census records like “free person of color.”

Most of the time, Native people were transparent, until they became at least “civilized” enough to be counted on the census, or taxed or they did something else to bring them into the white man’s realm.  More recently, Justin and others like us have been able to confirm, or deny, that heritage via DNA testing.  So even if we don’t know exactly who our ancestor is, we are positive THAT our Native heritage is real.  In some cases, through DNA testing we can learn which of our ancestral lines is Native.”

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Ancestor of Native Americans in Asia was 30% “Western Eurasian”

The complete genome has recently been sequenced from 4 year old Russian boy who died 24,000 years ago near Lake Baikal in a location called Mal’ta, the area in Asia believed to be the origin of the…

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‘My grandfather would have shot me’ | Culture | DW.DE | 26.09.2013

Jennifer Teege grew up in a foster family. Only at age 38 did she discover her biological family’s shocking history. Her grandfather was a sadistic Nazi criminal. Teege deals with the revelations in her new book.

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Mexican Women’s Mitochondrial DNA Primarily Native American

For mtDNA variation, some studies have measured Native American, European and African contributions to Mexican and Mexican American populations, revealing 85 to 90% of mtDNA lineages are of Native American origin, with the remainder having European (5-7%) or African ancestry (3-5%).


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Vanessa Williams DNA Test Showed Genes From Across the World

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“My DNA breaks down as follows:


23% from Ghana,

17% from the British Isles,

15% from Cameroon,

12% Finnish,

11% Southern European,

7% Togo,

6% Benin,

5% Senegal and

4% Portuguese.”

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A Guide to Germanics

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By Germanic I mean anyone whose native language belongs to the Germanic branch of Indo-European languages: most Germans, Dutch, English, Danes, Australians, Americans, etc. They live mainly in nort…

Community Village‘s insight:

Regarding Mixed American Life

1. Culture from Germanic people is all mixed up into U.S. culture

2. U.S. population is largely of Germanic backgroud, so many people of mixed heritage in the U.S. are mixed with Germanic heritage.

3. See if you can guess which three groups have the largest population size in the U.S.

Answer: from the most recent data I could find >

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An Eagle Eye in Harlem | VIDEO

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From Malcolm X Boulevard to pow-wow road trips, a black man from Georgia adopts a Cherokee persona despite questionable ties to any Native American roots.

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