The Invention of Hispanics – Latino USA

Before 1970, the US Census Bureau classified Mexican, Cuban and Puerto Rican immigrants as whites. Each community of Latin American origin would go by their nationality and by the region where they lived in the United States. But all that changed in the seventies, as activists began lobbying the US Census Bureau to create a broad, national category that included all these communities. The result was the creation of the term “Hispanic”, first introduced in the US Census in 1970.


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Welcome to Hispanic Heritage Month 2014



















Welcome to Hispanic Heritage Month 2014! In the US it runs from September 15th to October 15th. Thanks to everyone who suggested a topic! Based on your suggestions and some ideas of my own, here ar…


Arab-Americans Tell Census, ‘We’re Not White’ – COLORLINES

Some Arab-Americans and Hispanics challenge the nation’s decennial count


“The census should also ask if people feel discriminated against, in what way and how frequently. That’s what these check boxes are for. So that employers can hire a representative cross section of the community and prove that their hiring is not discriminatory.”

– – Glenn Robinson