Photo Series Explores Multiracial America – COLORLINES

The 125th anniversary issue of National Geographic magazine features striking photographs that document the shifting racial landscape of the U.S.

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Checking Boxes and Filling Blanks: Diversity and Inclusion in Children’s Literature

By Cory Silverberg CBC Diversity The publisher Lee and Low recently mobilized social media (through the nifty infographic featured) to jumpstart a discussi

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Diversity of Asian Americans Overlooked

The above interview was conducted by Laura Flanders of Grit TV and The Nation on the occasion of the release of the Pew Research Center’s report, The Rise of Asian Americans and my response, here, on Race Files.

Community Village‘s insight:

Kudos to Mr. Nakagawa for stepping up to talk about this!

Mass media tends to ignore the diversity of groups and imply that some groups are all bad while other groups are all good.

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The Ongoing Problem of Race in Young Adult Literature

In 1965, 11 years after the Supreme Court outlawed segregated schools, Nancy Larrick wrote an article titled “The All-White World of Children’s Books” for the Saturday Review. Much has changed since then.

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