oh happy (loving) day

I love surprising intersections of the things I love the most.  Such as Volkswagen and Loving Day.  I’m not sure if I am more passionate about any other subjects.  That may be an exaggeration, but anyway I am super into VW as well as the progression of our society toward a more loving, open way of living.  Without Loving v. Virginia it is likely that there would be no me nor so many others. This is inspiring and undeniable progress for which I am grateful.


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The VW video 😀

We Are the 15 Percent are MHP’s “Foot Soldiers of the Week”

http://wearethe15percent.com appears on the June 29th version of Melissa Harris-Perry’s show in the “Foot Soldiers of the Week” segment.

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‘Brown babies’ long search for family, identity – In America – CNN.com

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(CNN) —  Daniel Cardwell’s obsession consumed three decades of his life and $250,000 of his money, he estimates. His energy has been devoted to answering one basic question: “Who am I?
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Mixed In Different Shades

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This website and blog and the subsequent book and documentary aim to explore the history and experiences of inter-racial relationships and mixed heritage people all over the world and to seek proof that all humans are basically all the same and…
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