Interracial Brooklyn

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New York, however, was one of the states that had never had laws against interracial marriage.


…What explains the rise of Intermarriage?


The US had a big immigration reform in 1965, which led to a sharp rise in immigration from Asia and Latin America. As the US population became more racially diverse, there was more opportunity for Americans to meet (and fall in love with) people from other races. Immigrant destinations like New York City tend to have more intermarriage as a result of having more racial diversity.


…In order to figure out how many interracial couples there are, one must first divide people into separate and mutually exclusive racial/ethnic categories. In dividing people into mutually exclusive racial/ethnic categories, one immediately confronts a series of definition problems that have no unique solution.


The fact is that race exists in America only because we Americans believe in race and invest the categories with meaning…”


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