Was Cleopatra black?

Was Cleopatra black? Spike Lee thinks so. Even Shakespeare, no Afrocentrist he, called her “tawny” (yellowish-brown). Hollywood, though, makes her white (pictured).

But what do the facts say?

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We Are the 15 Percent

A crowd-sourced collection of portraits of American interracial families and marriages, inspired by…

Community Village‘s insight:

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Notorious in the Neighborhood with Joshua Rothman, Ph.D.

Notorious in the Neighborhood Sex and Families Across the Color Line in Virginia, 1787-1861 “Laws and cultural norms militated against interracial sex in Virginia before the Civil War.

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Conservatives See Mixed People Differently

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Now why am I not surprised by this? Disturbing new research suggests the answer to that question may depend on your political ideology. In three experiments, “we found that conservatives were more …

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Mixed Couples In TV Commercials Go Beyond Cheerios

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Yesterday I posted about the ugliness surrounding the wonderful Cheerios commercial featuring the mixed couple. Today I have to follow that post up with this great piece I saw in The Huffington Pos…

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Checking More Than One Box: A Growing Multiracial Nation : NPR

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The last Census showed 9 million people, about 3 percent of the population, reporting more than one race. That’s an increase of one-third from the decade before — and that number is only going up.

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