Tiya Miles on Native American & African American dynamics

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“In light of the Cherokee Nation’s recent decision revoke the citizenship of the Cherokee Freedmen, ITYC thought listeners would enjoy this ITYC Rewind of our interview with Professor Tiya Miles. Professor Miles is an associate professor at the University of Michigan in the Program in American Culture, Center for Afro-American and African Studies, Department of History, and Native American Studies Program.”
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Steven F. Riley (Mixed Race Studies) interview by Michelle McCrary

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“ITYC welcomes creator, founder and editor of the site Mixed Race Studies.org Steve Riley to the podcast this week. In his words, Riley began Mixed Race Studies in April of 2009 “in recognition of our family members and friends who are ‘mixed-race’ and/or raising ‘mixed-race’ children, in response the growing number self-identifying ‘mixed-race’ living here in the Washington, DC area, and finally in celebration of my interracial marriage to my loving wife of 16 years.”   We’ll talk to him about the site, what he’s learned about issues of mixed identity over the last few years, and if his work has revealed anything about his own interracial relationship.”
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ITYC Talks to Tim Wise ~ Is That Your Child

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“Last night, we aired our discussion with antiracist essayist, author and educator Tim Wise about his new book Dear White America. Wise explained that one of the most destructive features of white privilege is its indifference to the suffering of people of color. That indifference, he explained, which has been deadly to people of color for centuries, is now becoming extremely dangerous and deadly for white people. Wise also discussed the nature and the shape of white anxiety which is fueled in part by the fact that, for the first time, ‘whiteness’ has been rendered “highly visible” in all facets of society. In the book he writes:”
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Natasha from Multiracial Sky and More

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“Our first live show of the New Year is this Friday Freestyle! We’ll be discussing some of the top stories on ITYC’s radar for 2012, including the premiere of The Loving Story on HBO, the Mexican government’s new anti-racism campaign and the new documentary Thick Dark Fog about the horrific legacy of Indian boarding schools.
In addition to all that, we have the honor of welcoming Natasha Sky from the blog Multiracial Sky as our special guest for the evening. Natasha is a writer, an artist, an activist and a multiracial mom to four mixed kids. We’ll talk to Natasha about her journey into blogging and get her thoughts on the state of the multicultural blogosphere.”
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