Kayte Grace gets married!


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ahhh!!! i’m pretty much bursting
so i’ll get right to it …
i realize as i’m writing this that i NEVER share love life things (except in the music of course, ha!), so here goes … the most twinkly, GLORIOUS, heart-full thing happened. i got married 😀 on September 13th family and friends descended upon my east coast home town from all over the country and the world to help Luke (that’s my love!) and me celebrate starting our adventures together.   we feel SO wildly blessed to have such a crazy, hilarious, generous, supportive and loving tribe of friends and family around us. it was perfect.

Kayte Grace American Phenomenon

Kayte Grace
Kayte Grace

Kayte Grace is a refreshing American Phenomenon.

Her music videos show her singing about attraction to white men – without hesitation, pretense or apology. She brings a refreshing hope to the U.S, humanity and the world.

I love that she has the freedom to make her art how she wants without the kind of oppression that would have been against mixed race art before say the Loving v. Virginia miscegenation law passed in 1967.

I can only count on one hand the number of mixed couple music videos and TV shows. Her videos are a breath of fresh air.

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