Personal Essay: Yo Soy Boricua




A lot of people don’t realize that I’m Latina, which is fine. One thing about being Latina is that there isn’t one look that comes with the territory. I don’t expect people to know my cultural background just by glancing at me. I do, however, expect that when I tell people my family is from Puerto Rico, that I will be believed and not accused of trying to be something that I’m not. It usually goes something like this: a person having a conversation with me discovers one way or another that I’m Puerto Rican and fluent in Spanish.


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Intersections as American Life: Smithsonian Asian-Latino Festival 2013

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To celebrate the cultural intersections of Asian and Latino cultures, the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center and the Smithsonian Latino Center have collaborated to bring you public talks, pop-up museums, and digital exhibitions.

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Special thanks to Thomas Lopez of Latinas and Latinos of Mixed Ancestry (LOMA)!

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A Non-Immigrant Story: Does it make me any less Latina?

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“I once asked her why we never learned to speak spanish. It was with saddened eyes, head down, when she told me “It was because I was spanked in school for not knowing how to speak English.” Spanked as in literally spanked on the hand with rulers for not speaking English as a 5 year old.”

15 Latinas We Love!

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