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Rinku Sen
Rinku Sen

The demands of the March on Washington weren’t about reshuffling the racial order; they repudiated racial hierarchy: http://t.co/M9hiyqxJmX — Rinku Sen (@racialjustice) August 26, 2013

“If our goal is indeed to take the racial order apart rather than just to make it work for one group or another, everyone with a stake in the American race debate has to be engaged.” -Rinku Sen

50 years after King, hidden racism lives on

Fifty years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed out loud of an end to racism. Fifty years since, it’s still here, though arguably more relegated to the private sphere than it was in King’s day.

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Here’s a quote from ‘You love who you love’

“Do you intend to marry him?” he questioned her. “Yes, sir,” she said. “Do you intend to have children with him?” he went on. She nodded. “Do you know what they would be?” he asked. “Mixed?” she asked. “Yes, and unloved and unaccepted,” he replied back. Martin, angered, said in response, “I will love them.”

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March on Washington, 1963

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* Pass the Civil Rights Bill.

* Desegregate all school districts.

* End discrimination in housing and employment or lose federal funding.

* Minimum wage above $2.00 ($11.73 in 2013 dollars).

* Enforce the Fourteenth Amendment (equal protection of the law)

* Full and fair employment.

Community Village‘s insight:

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