Returning to Mexicali – My (Un)Documented Life


This past weekend I had the opportunity to return to Mexicali after over a decade of growing up undocumented in the United States.  I had an amazing time with my husband, relatives, and friends.

via Returning to Mexicali – My (Un)Documented Life.

Number Of Unaccompanied Minors Detained At U.S. Border Continues To Rise

The number of unaccompanied minors detained at the U.S. border with Mexico continues to rise, with more than 6,700 taken into custody in December alone, according to the latest figures released this week.


The number is a jump from roughly 5,600 detained in November and 4,973 in October, according to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Compared to same three-month period in 2014, the number of apprehensions in 2015 represents a 117% jump.


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Mixed Race Studies » Scholarly Perspectives on Mixed-Race » Las Tejanas: 300 Years of History

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Book Review: Land of the Cosmic Race: Race Mixture, Racism and Blackness in Mexico

Land of the Cosmic Race is a richly-detailed ethnographic account of the powerful role that race and colour play in organizing the lives and thoughts of ordinary Mexicans. It presents a previously untold story of how individuals in contemporary urban Mexico construct their identities, attitudes, and practices in the context of a dominant national belief system. Carefully presented and self-consciously written, this is an excellent book for anyone with an interest in how Mexican racial politics can be seen to operate on the ground, finds Zalfa Feghali.

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Interracial Families in 18th Century: A Painting Captures Multiethnic Mexico

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One of the most typical, revealing products of colonial Spanish culture was the casta painting. This Iberian term means “lineage,” or “race,” and in art refers to the comprehensive representation of mixed-race couples and their offspring. Produced in a series usually consisting of 16 family groups, casta paintings categorize the uniquely complex degree of racial variation that arose within the multiethnic population of the viceroyalty of New Spain, now Mexico. These works were produced almost exclusively in the major artistic and governmental centers of Mexico City and Puebla during the 18th century. About 100 sets of castapaintings survive today from what must once have been a considerably larger number.

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Anthony Quinn (Mexican-Irish/Mexican (Aztec)) [American (Born in Mexico)]

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Known as: Legendary Film Actor, Painter & Writer (Winner of two Oscars for “Lust for Life” and “Viva Zapata”; Acted in over 140 films and as many different ethnicities)


Movies: “Zorba the Greek”, “Lawrence of Arabia”, “Lust for Life”, “Viva Zapata!”, “Wild is the Wind”,”The Guns of Navarone”, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, “Requiem for a Heavyweight”, “The Message”, “Guns for San Sebastian”, “Lion of the Desert, “The Secret of Santa Vittoria”, “The Ox-Bow Incident”


TV: “The Man and the City”, “Gotti”, “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys”, “The Old Man and the Sea”, “The Cosby Show”, “La noche de los castillos”, “Camino de Santiago”

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