in the Mix: Calif. artist brings her mixed heritage themed works to Hub

“The beauty of art is the ambiguity,” says sculptor Alison Saar discussing her current exhibit “STILL…” showing at the Sandra and David Bakalar Gallery at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

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Intersections as American Life: Smithsonian Asian-Latino Festival 2013

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To celebrate the cultural intersections of Asian and Latino cultures, the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center and the Smithsonian Latino Center have collaborated to bring you public talks, pop-up museums, and digital exhibitions.

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Special thanks to Thomas Lopez of Latinas and Latinos of Mixed Ancestry (LOMA)!

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A Guide to Germanics

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By Germanic I mean anyone whose native language belongs to the Germanic branch of Indo-European languages: most Germans, Dutch, English, Danes, Australians, Americans, etc. They live mainly in nort…

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Regarding Mixed American Life

1. Culture from Germanic people is all mixed up into U.S. culture

2. U.S. population is largely of Germanic backgroud, so many people of mixed heritage in the U.S. are mixed with Germanic heritage.

3. See if you can guess which three groups have the largest population size in the U.S.

Answer: from the most recent data I could find >

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Race box check offs – mixed race documentary


So for the last couple of weeks, I’ve been filling out applications for various things (school, work, etc..) and I always get floored with the “what are you” check boxes.  One place I worked for called me after I’d been hired and asked me what I meant by “other”.  My mother’s father is German, and her mother was French Creole, while my father’s mother was Haitian and father French.  When I explained this, the HR person paused for a good minute and then said, “You really are mixed, aren’t you?”  What do say behind that?

Enjoy the brief conversation from YouTube on Race Box Check Offs and as I am certain Pope Francis would say….”Know Peace”…bb

Olympians of Mixed Heritage

Summer Olympics 2012

(Looking for cool olympic photos? Check Wayne Hicks Pinterest)


Carmelo Anthony (Puerto Rican/African-American) [American]

Elizabeth Cambage (European Australian / Nigerian) [Australia ]

Carlos Delfino (Argentine/Italian) [Argentine/Italian]

Andre Iguodala (African-American, Nigerian) [American]

Tony Parker (African-American / Dutch) [French]

Pablo Prigioni (Argentine/Italian) [Argentine/Italian]

Diana Taurasi (Argentine/Italian) [American]

Anderson Varejao [Brazilian]

Deron Williams (African-American and European-American) [American]


Johny Akinyemi (English / Nigerian) [British]


Laura Sanchez (Spanish / Native Mexica) [Mexican]


Marcel Nguyen (Vietnamese/German) [German]

Kyla Ross (Japanese, African American, Filipino, Puerto Rican) [American]


Alexander Massialas (Greek / Chinese) [American]


Koji Murofushi (Japanese/Romanian) [Japanese]


Nathan Adrian (Chinese / European American) [American]

Maritaz Correia (African / Puerto Rican) [American]

Natalie Coughlin (Irish / Philipino) [American]

Anthony Ervin (African American, American Indian / Jewish) [American]

Ranomi Kromowidjojo (Javanese Surinamese/Dutch) [Dutch]

Lia Neal (African American/Chinese) [American]


Paige McPherson (African-American / Filipino) [American]


Sarah Attar (Saudi / European American) [Saudi/American]

Matthew Centrowitz, Jr (Guyanese / European American) [American]

Ashton Eaton (African American/Caucasian) [American]

Jessica Ennis (English / Jamaican) [British]

Lolo Jones (French, African-American, Native American and Norwegian) [American]

Leo Manzano (Spanish / Mexica) [American]

Andrew Osagie (English / Nigerian) [British]

Felix Sanchez (Spanish / African-Dominican) [Dominican]


Lindsey Berg (Hawaiian-Chinese-Portuguese / Lithuanian) [American]

David McKienzie (Filipina / European-American) [American]

Tamari Miyashiro (Japanese, Chinese, Hawaiian, Irish, German) [American]


Clarissa Chun (Chinese / Japanese) [American]



Winter Olympics


African American

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Mixed American Life is on Pinterest

Mixed Heritage, Mixed Culture, Mixed Identity…

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Mixed In Different Shades

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This website and blog and the subsequent book and documentary aim to explore the history and experiences of inter-racial relationships and mixed heritage people all over the world and to seek proof that all humans are basically all the same and…
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