Light-skinned-ed Girl: Mixed Experience History Month 2014: Wong On, pioneering merchant

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Yung Wing (1828-1912) was the first Chinese person to graduate from an American college.
Wing graduated from Yale in 1854 and returned to China.  He had difficulty securing employment for some time.  In 1872, he helped from the Chinese Education Mission that allowed Chinese students to study in the U.S.
Wing married a white American woman in 1875 with whom he had two children.
In all, the Chinese Education Mission allowed 120 Chinese students to travel to and study in the U.S.  The program lasted 9 years.
Wing had to flee China when a coup brought the Empress Dowager CiXi to power.  His U.S. citizenship had been revoked but he managed to sneak back into the country.  He died penniless and is buried in a Connecticut graveyard.” -Heidi Durrow

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15 Celebrities Who Married Ordinary People | Celeb Romance

1.) Matt Damon & Luciana Barroso
This couple’s small, private, city hall ceremony in December 2005 mirrored their meeting: at a bar where Luciana worked in 2003. Damon, shooting Stuck on You, wandered in for an after-filming drink and got stuck on Luciana. Last year, the couple renewed their vows in San Lucia in a sunset ceremony. Talk about Romance!
According to EthniCelebs
Luciana is Argentinian and Spanish-Argentinian
Matt is 37.5% English, 31.25% Finnish, 18.75% Swedish, 12.5% Scottish

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The History of Interracial Marriage: Colonial America to Loving v. Virginia (1967) | US History Scene

This article focuses on the regulation of black & white marriages in the United States during the 20th century.

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