Critical Mixed Race Studies / Mixed Roots Stories – LIVE – Joe Hernandez-Kolski w/ Guest Dustin


Critical Mixed Race Studies Conference 2014
Nov 13-25, 2014
DePaul University, Chicago, IL

“Global Mixed Race”

Mixed Roots Stories LIVE event:
Joe Hernandez-Kolski w/ Guest Dustin
“I AM”





Why isn’t College for Learning About Mixed-Race Identities? –

Tweet There are some incredible opportunities out there right now to get certificates, higher ed and even advanced degrees specializing in the experience of Americans of color. Want a degree in Asian American Studies? Sure. …

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Mixed Race Studies » Scholarly Perspectives on Mixed-Race » Miss Anne in Harlem: The White Women of the Black Renaissance

In a vibrant blend of social history and biography, award-winning writer Carla Kaplan offers a joint portrait of six iconoclastic women who risked ostracism to follow their inclinations—and raised hot-button issues of race, gender, class, and sexuality in the bargain. Returning Miss Anne to her rightful place in the interracial history of the Harlem Renaissance, Kaplan’s formidable work remaps the landscape of the 1920s, alters our perception of this historical moment, and brings Miss Anne to vivid life.

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Multiracial People Value Positive Identification More Than Others

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The number of people who identify as multiracial has increased by the millions in the last decade. Not only are those people often misidentified as white, black or Latino, but they also place more value on being correctly identified than people of a single race, according to new research presented at the American Psychological Association’s annual convention on Friday…

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Mixed Race Studies with Steven Riley

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Steven Riley is the creator of which is a non-commercial website that provides a gateway to contemporary interdisciplinary English language scholarship about the relevant issues surrounding the topic of multiracialism.

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Critical Mixed Race Studies 2012 – Chicago Tribune

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DePaul University professors Camilla Fojas, left, and Laura Kina will host a four-day conference starting Thursday that will explore critical mixed-race studies. (Abel Uribe, Chicago Tribune / October 26, 2012)

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Meet Steve Riley – Creator of Mixed Race Studies

Steven F. Riley

Mixed Race Radio’s Tiffany Reid interviews Steven F. Riley

“Join us as we meet Steven Riley, creator of which is a non-commercial website that provides a gateway to contemporary interdisciplinary (sociology, psychology, history, law, etc.) English language scholarship about the relevant issues surrounding the topic of multiracialism. The site has over 4,700 posts which consists of links to over +2,500 articles, +800 books, +500 dissertations/papers/reports, 200 multimedia items, etc. The site has been called the “most comprehensive and objective clearinghouse for scholarly publications related to critical mixed-race theory” by a leading scholar in the field.

Steve has been an Information Technology professional for 25 years in the D.C. area and is currently Director of Database Development and Design at a trade association in Washington D.C. His areas of expertise are application programming, database and website development.

When he is not developing software applications, he spends his time at home in Silver Spring, Maryland with his artist wife Julia of 25 years (the best thing that ever happened to him) working on his photography and reading books on history and sociology.”

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Hapa Soap Opera | Laura Kina

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“Laura Kina (born 1973) is an artist, academic and important contributor to the emergent field of Critical Mixed Race Studies. Kina was born in Riverside, CA. and raised in Poulsbo, WA.”

“Laura Kina creates art which relates to race, religion, class, family, and identity, more specifically Asian American and mixed race identity.” -Wikipedia

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Mixed Race Studies » Scholarly Perspectives on Mixed-Race » An Immigrant Neighborhood: Interethnic and Interracial Encounters in New York before 1930

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“How the crowded neighborhoods of New York’s Lower East Side gave rise to cross-racial and cross ethnic bonds before 1930


Examining race and ethnic relations through an intersectional lens, Shirley J. Yee’s An Immigrant Neighborhood investigates the ways that race, class, and gender together shaped concepts of integration and assimilation as well as concepts of whiteness and citizenship in lower Manhattan during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.


In contrast to accounts of insulated neighborhoods and ethnic enclaves, Yee’s study unearths the story of working-class urban dwellers of various ethnic groups—Chinese, Jews, Italians, and Irish—routinely interacting in social and economic settings.


Recounting the lived experiences in these neighborhoods, Yee’s numerous, fascinating anecdotes—such as the story of an Irishman who served for many years as the only funeral director for Chinese residents—detail friendships, business relationships, and sexual relationships that vividly counter the prevailing idea that ethnic groups mixed only in ways that were marked by violence and hostility.”


“At the root of the race problem were shifting meanings of whiteness.”