Is It Better To Be Mixed Race? [VIDEO]

Aarathi Prasad sets out to challenge the science of racial purity and examines provocative claims that there are in fact biological advantages to being mixed race.

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This Mocha-Caramel-Honey Post-Racial Fantasy Is Making Me Sick

By Sharon Chang


“Are we bingeing on mixed-race beauty to feel better about racism?”





This article says so many things I have been thinking.

There is also a thing called beauty privilege, that I do not hear others talking about in that way.


The article is excellent and detailed overall.

The one bit I would say differently is where Sharon says:
“We know race is not biological…”.


Race is exactly biological. The fact that race is about biology does not need to reinforce racism however. “The Nature of Race”, by Ann Morning goes into this and how different scientists view race differently. The big opposing views are between anthropologists and medical scientists.



Living in two worlds – Native Navajo & White Mormon

by navajo

I am trying to live in two worlds.

I was born in Utah. My white father descended from the Mormon pioneers. His grandparents were polygamists. My full-blood Navajo mother — who was taken from her family at age five to be assimilated into white culture at the Tuba City Boarding School — joined the Mormon church in her 20s.

Mom had the typical boarding school experience. Overwhelming homesickness, having her mouth washed out with soap for accidentally speaking forbidden Navajo, witnessing others endure severe punishment for being incorrigible in some Navajo way and a constant curriculum of You Need to Become White Now. My mom was smart, she learned fast to conform, to survive. She excelled at the school and even skipped grades.

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Mixed Experience History Month: John Punch, first documented slave


“John Punch (mid 1600s)–an African man–served as an indentured servant to a Virginia planter.


Researchers have concluded that he likely fathered a child with a white woman.  That child, John Bunch, was born in 1637.  In 1640, Punch ran away with two other (white) indentured servants.  All three were caught in Maryland.  The two white men were sentenced to an additional four years to their servitude; Punch was sentenced to a lifetime.




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No More Race – Blog

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Getting beyond race, and accepting that there is no such thing.

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This 10-minute documentary sheds light on the lack of consensus regarding racial, ethnic, and cultural identification in our society.   When the lines are so blurred, how can the definitions be so rigid?   The precursor to the longer documentary, ‘Multi: The Mixed Signals of Mixedness’ coming May 2012.

Steve Jobs was Mixed

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Steve Jobs’ biological dad Abdulfattah John Jandali, a casino executive in Reno, on Wednesday told the media he knew his estranged son is dead but won’t be talking to the media, according to reports.   “I have my own money. What I don’t have is my son … and that saddens me.”
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Breaking ‘Swirling’ News! Gallup Poll Shows Record Approval for Interracial Relationships « Beyond Black & White

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The worm has turned.  The wind has changed direction.
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