Wetback, Mulatto, whatever….


So again yesterday, at zero-dark-thirty, I’m running around. Oops, forgot it was Easter weekend and I have a bazillion things to do. CNN is on and I vaguely hear something about a “Representative” (Don Young (R) – Alaska, to be exact) calling Latinos “wetbacks”. Work, laundry, grocery store, wait a minute. Wetbacks? Really? An elected official no less? From the party that just got its butt beat, because of their insensitivity? Really? This morning, a little more clear-headed, I search for “Congressman, wetbacks” and read the whole sordid little story.

A term that was originally used to describe Mexicans that came across the border into Texas via the Rio Grande River it made me think about a term that I absolutely hate…..mulatto. The first time I was called one, I was in junior high school and someone called me a mulatto with such affection, I thought, that’s cute….tomayto, tomato, potayto, potato, mulatto. But as I grew older, and saw the disdain that people would pronounce the word….moooolattoe…..like it was an exotic, too bitter coffee from Marrakesh…I began to not like the word.
I am tired of the labels that people have to put on others to make themselves feel better. I am saddened that our elected officials continue to make choices that are divisive, especially when talking about those who are from other places, backgrounds or ideologies. Hopefully, somewhere in our future , people will realize that we are all human, and not the derogatory labels they choose to put on us. Peace, bb.