‘Blaxicans’ photos explore multicultural nexus

“Duality: Blaxicans in LA” explores multiracial identity among the Los Angeles’ two largest minority groups: African-Americans and Mexican-Americans.

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Ron – Black, Cuban, Mexican and Switched at Birth as Chinese!

“As a sort of irony, I was born a Chinese baby. Baby Boy Wong”

Our friend Ron Lyles shares how he was mislabeled as a Chinese baby at birth, how his family’s former slave-owners found him, and the importance of including ‘culture’ in dialogues about race.

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Mixed Remixed Festival – Los Angeles, Saturday June 13, 2015

We are excited that the Costco Connection has written a story about mixed race artists and the Mixed Remixed Festival. The reporter Hana Medina really captured what the Festival is all about!–Heidi Durrow, Festival Founder

You can also download a copy of the article here.

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Looking for Multiracial TV Characters I Can Show My Biracial Kids

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Recent media on media coverage of the upcoming Fall Television Season (does TV even still have seasons? Doesn’t it feel like new shows are just constantly premiering?) has focused heavily on television becoming a lot less “whitewashed,” mostly due to the multiple productions of Shonda Rhimes (Grey’s Anatomy) and a few others, including upcoming pilots with Hispanic and Asian leads.

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Tracing Michelle Obama’s Multiracial Ancestry

New York Times reporter Rachel Swarns has followed Michelle Obama’s journey all the way back to through her ancestry. Swarns’ new book “American Tapestry” explores the first lady’s surprising genealogy.

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Fitting Into the Right Box: Multiracial America on the Rise | Brown Political Review

Mixed race America is on the rise, the population of multiracial youths is the fastest growing in the country and interracial marriage is at an all time high

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