Visualizing Race, Identity, and Change – PROOF

A feature in National Geographic‘s October 125th anniversary issue looks at the changing face of America in an article by Lise Funderburg, with portraits of multiracial families by Martin Schoeller, that celebrates the beauty of multiracial diversity and shows the limitations around our current categories when talking about race.

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2011 Census Shows Canada is Becoming More Urban & Multi-racial

More often than not, Canadians work in services industries. Women are gaining dominance in many new areas of education. And same-sex couples have become an accepted norm.

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Being Mixed Race: Am I A Human Rorschach Test?

Now I wasn’t offended by this and this wasn’t the first time or probably won’t be the last time that I’ll have this conversation. I am a light skinned mixed race person with loose curly hair. I have spent most of my life with people questioning my racial identity and for a while I was left questioning it myself.

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Mixed-race teens talk about identity

Mixed-race teens share their personal perspectives on how they view themselves—and how others view their mixed-race heritage. These essays were part of the cover story, “Outside the box,” about how mixed-race teens identify themselves on college applications in the Nov. 15, 2012 issue of The Mash.
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The Color of Colorblind: Exploring Mixed Race Identity

By Lindsay C. Harris “The Color of Colorblind: Addressing the History of Racial Classification and Mixed Racial Identity in the U.S.” Like 60 million other Americans, I cast my ballot to reelect our first…

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When You’re Mixed Race, Just One Box Is Not Enough : NPR

While being forced to tick a single box for “race” has never been a problem for George Washington III, who is black, his mixed-race children see it differently. And for Dave Kung, being allowed to check two races on the U.S.

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Talk: Being Mixed Race in Mixed Up Britain

As part of London’s Southbank’s fabulous ‘Women of the World’ Festiva l celebrating International Women’s Day last week, we were invited to discuss the ‘identity politics of the Jessica Ennis generation’ which you can listen back to in all its…

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Why I Don’t Sleep With White Guys

I live in a predominately white city. Everywhere I went, I was white men’s object (emphasis on object) of desire. I was being objectified, exoticized and sexualized for being one of few coloured girls in a sea of white men.

Community Village‘s insight:

At first I wasn’t going to share this because I didn’t see a photo in the post. However, this post seems to have hit a nerve with a lot of people. When I scooped it, the photo above was pulled in by I don’t think she’s the author – but it’s a photo 🙂

Here’s my favorite line from this article:

“As a mixed-race girl, I also found it unsettling that the colour of my skin allowed people to label me as “Black,” or as something tropical and exotic — it was always one of the two.”

Emphasis is mine.


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