The Native Peoples of the Chesapeake Bay Region

A guest post by Jefe:

For at least 11,000 years
, people have inhabited the Chesapeake Bay Regionalong the Atlantic coast of North America, now the part of the US known as Washington, DC and the states of Virginia, Maryland and Delaware.


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English Americans

The first four waves from England:

  • 1629 to 1640: From East Anglia to New England. Heavily Puritan.
  • 1640 to 1675: From southern England to what will become the southern US.
  • 1675 to 1725: From the North Midlands to Pennsylvania. Heavily Quaker.
  • 1717 to 1775: From Northumbria (and Scotland and northern Ireland) to Appalachia.

These four English subcultures spread across North America, wiping out Native Americans. They will mix and create three new subcultures:

  • Greater New York, part Dutch, part Jewish.
  • The Great Basin, centred on Utah. Heavily Mormon.
  • Southern California, part Mexican, part Jewish. Spreads across the south-west.

Nearly all non-English Whites will assimilate into one of these seven Anglo-Protestant subcultures to become “American”, meaning White American.”


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