Gratuitous Obama Picture #11



The Obamas at a state dinner on March 11th 2016 for the new Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau.

Left to right:Malia Obama, Justin Trudeau, Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau, Sasha Obama, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama.

Malia is now 17 (born two months before Google) and Sasha is 14 (born three months before 9/11).

It is hard for me to look at this picture and not see it as the end of a golden age, even though it was hardly a golden age – though it might come to seem that way if Trump comes to power! (Well, compared to most of world history, it is a golden age, at least for the US.)

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Obama Symbolizes What’s Great About America

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“Finally it’s over. No more debates, commercials, endless campaign speeches and subsequent news reports. No more talking heads and spinning. No more polls. The only poll that counts was the one from Tuesday night. And thank goodness the best man won. Now that it is over, after a week or so of post election analysis and celebration (at least for the Democratic side) and whining on the losing side, we can go back to being one, clearly divided nation.”

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As Racist as We Wish to Be: Project RACE, “The Talk”, Obama and the Fear of Blackness

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by Steven F. Riley


Three years later and not a day wiser…


…in a still pre-post-racial America…


Accepting and embracing a mixed-race identity hardly reveals racial progress. As it is currently constructed, mixed-race identity does not dismantle racial hierarchies. Rather, it reiterates white supremacy by attempting to etch a space for itself somewhere under whiteness–which it knows it can never access–and definitely above blackness.



Thus in the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin tragedy when multitudes of commentators of all racialized identities proclaim “We are Trayvon,” Graham and Project RACE, proclaim “We are not black.”