Photo Series Explores Multiracial America – COLORLINES

The 125th anniversary issue of National Geographic magazine features striking photographs that document the shifting racial landscape of the U.S.

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June Flashback: Nigel Barker (Sri Lankan, Irish, English, and Portuguese) [British]

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Known as: Photographer, author, spokesperson, filmmaker and former model (Host of “The Face”; Judge and photographer on “America’s Next Top Model”; Owner of photography Studio NB; Executive producer of “The Shot”)

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100th anniversary of the birth of Gordon Parks | Abagond

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“Photographer Gordon Parks was born a hundred years ago today – on November 30th 1912. Google, which regularly honours creative people, is not honouring him, but I will!

I have been posting some of his photographs on Tumblr today. Here are the ones that have been reblogged the most so far:”

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Andrew Shurtleff Charlottesville Virginia Photographer | Andrew Shurtleff Photography

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Andrew Shurtleff photography is a Charlottesville, VA based photographer specializing in photojournalism, sports, news.
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