Multiracial Asian Families: Mixed or Not, Why Are We Still Taking Pictures of “Race”?

“This person is an actual living, breathing human being — but she is not being treated as such…Her physical body is used as a site for others to play out their racial theorizing while her own voice and story remain conspicuously absent.”

Community Village‘s insight:
It seems the current fascination is on new and often unique versions of mixed race. Some say exotic.
In the future the fascination may shift to unique designer babies, or ‘mono-racial’ people, although it’s said that there are no pure races. However, there are people who are recently mixed between continents and others who have not mixed between continents in hundreds or thousands of years.

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Abuse prompts Erdington mum to put positive focus on mixed race

A RACIALLY abused mum from Erdington who suffered an online attack about her mixed-race child has chosen to turn the incident into a force for good by organising an exhibition. Jade Aston of Osborne…

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Visualizing Race, Identity, and Change – PROOF

A feature in National Geographic‘s October 125th anniversary issue looks at the changing face of America in an article by Lise Funderburg, with portraits of multiracial families by Martin Schoeller, that celebrates the beauty of multiracial diversity and shows the limitations around our current categories when talking about race.

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