She’s Not A Black Woman

Someone whom I’ve considered a friend and colleague for years dropped my identity in her blog post today. She said lovely things about the way my parents love me, lifted up my husband, called my…

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The First Family and Their Cell Phones

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“Perhaps the most profound takeaway from my observation is recognizing that this humanizing moment between members of the First Family, and as witnessed by the American public, was enabled by a mobile device. While watching the First Family on their cell phones, I couldn’t help but wonder what they were looking at, who they were texting, what apps were they using to edit photos, and also about the security involved in keeping the First Family and the girls’ data ‘safe and private’. I also thought about how fitting it is that Barack Obama is the first wired president in history of the United States. Since 2008, Obama’s campaign has been credited with successfully using social and mobile media for fundraising and organizing. The Obama administration prides itself on connecting with Americans using Twitter, Reddit, and Google Hangout.”

Community Village‘s insight:

cute photo lol 😀

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