June Flashback: Philippa Schuyler (Black/White) [American]

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Known as: Child prodigy/genius, pianist & composer, pioneering feminist, journalist, author, war correspondent

More about Philippa: Her compositions were performed by numerous American orchestras by the time she was a teen; She accompanied the New York Philharmonic at age 16; Performed piano all around the world; Influence a rise in learning the piano in the American Black community; Early campaigner against female circumcision in Africa; Rated at over 180 IQ
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Smarter than Einstein, Philip Emeagwali, IQ 190

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Interview with Philip Emeagwali @ IOD London

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Philip Emeqgwali is a pioneering researcher in computer technology with an IQ of 190, higher than Einstein.

His U.S. degrees are from George Washington University and the University of Maryland, as well as a doctoral fellowship from the University of Michigan.

As he explains the history of African science, the thought came to me that Africans created all people. Respecting our forefathers includes respecting Africans.

“The Internet as we know it today did not cross my mind,” Emeagwali told TIME. “I was hypothesizing a planetary-sized supercomputer and, broadly speaking, my focus was on how the present creates the future and how our image of the future inspires the present.”

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