The Taínos (tah-EE-noes), commonly called the Arawak Indians, were the main people who lived in the Caribbean when Columbus arrived in 1492. They are the ones he called “Indians”, thinking he was i…

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Many Spanish settlers took Taino wives. They brought in African slaves to take the place of dead Taino workers. Today Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic are, genetically and culturally, mostly a mix of Spanish, Taino and West African:
  • Puerto Rico: genetically 10% to 15% Taino”

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Part Native American African-Americans and triracial isolates of Puerto Rico

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According to the documentary video “Black Indians an American Story”   Part Cherokee African-Americans/African descendants   Part Blackfoot African-Americans/African descendants   Part Taino/Arwak (and the triracial isolate of Puerto Rico)
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