The future of racial stratification in the US

Note: The following is based on chapter eight of Eduardo Bonilla-Silva’s excellent book, “Racism Without Racists” (2010). This post presents his best guess as of 2010, but without all of his schola…


“The government may well stop counting people by race. If so, civil rights laws will become harder to enforce and racism easier to deny.”

Mixed Race Studies » Scholarly Perspectives on Mixed-Race » Multiple Social Categorization: Processes, Models and Applications

Social categorization, how we classify ourselves and others, exerts a profound influence on our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and behaviors. In this volume, Richard Crisp and Miles Hewstone bring together a selection of leading figures in the social sciences to focus on a rapidly emerging, but critically important, new question: how, when, and why do people classify others along multiple dimensions of social categorization? The volume also explores what this means for social behavior, and what implications multiple and complex perceptions of category membership might have for reducing prejudice, discrimination, and social exclusion.

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The Invisible Line Between Black and White

Vanderbilt professor Daniel Sharfstein discusses the history of the imprecise definition of race in America

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